Leveraging our research and experience as founders, operators and transaction professionals our engagement teams are built to the needs of the project. Clearly the team required for a strategic acquisition is different than the team required for a cyber security vulnerability assessment. So we build the engagement team to the project specific needs.

Sean McCrossen

Sean is the founder and Managing Partner of SHP. He started the firm to fill the need for outsourced corporate development and trusted advisor roles in the small to mid-market focused investors and privately held companies. Prior to that he was the VP Corporate Development for Foster Management he built out companies through acquisitions. In his role with portfolio companies he ran point for development from inception, through IPO and as public companies sourcing strategic acquisitions. He also served as an ad-hoc advisor for portfolio companies. He began his career as an operator in medical-surgical and behavioral health settings leading change through the building of integrated delivery networks and alternative in-patient delivery systems. Sean holds MS from Villanova University.