Corporate Development

Founded in 2001, the firm has built a reputation for providing clients thorough analysis, actionable recommendations and accelerated business development. Leveraging our research and experience as founders, operators and transaction professionals our engagement teams are built to the needs of the project.

We provide corporate development resources to mid-market and small-market companies. Our clients are organizations that have realized that growth can be achieved efficiently and cost effectively through outsourcing some, or all, corporate development.

We leverage our knowledge, networks and research to build deal flow for investors and buyers for small and mid-market companies. Too often time is wasted in fishing net strategies or participating in auctions. Our methods are efficient and in most cases provide a proprietary opportunity.

A similar approach is taken when engaged to seek strategic partnerships, project financing and raising capital. We thoroughly research options to create an actionable opportunity set in an efficient and discrete manner.

Due Diligence

We provide due diligence and seller pre-sale vetting for companies looking to go beyond the traditional approaches in order to unlock value and identify risk. Our team and our partners will evaluate your organization's risk of fiduciary exposure, regulatory deficiency and strategic relationships to eliminate exposure and unlock measurable value.

Ownership Consulting

We focus on the fundamentals of leadership, employee evaluation and strategic relationships. We evaluate with objective testing, process evaluation, observation, and interviews.

Go to market strategy

Based on real world experience it clear that relationships are a significant factor in determining success. Going to market requires early adapters, strategic partners, re-sellers and customers. In instances were we have evolved relationships we bring clients into the market and build relationships that will help build their company.

Case Study #1

A large Mid-Atlantic Oncology practice positioning itself for sale. In our process we found a fiscally and clinically sound practice with several vulnerabilities: not positioned to meet MACRA regulations and out of compliance with the new Department of Labor regulations regarding employee retirement plans. Our team brought in a registered investment advisor to evaluate and assume fiduciary responsibility -- eliminating risk for both owner and purchaser. Additionally we trained staff to the MACRA regulations, we identified and lead the integration of software to support and measure the regulatory compliance. In correcting both issues we created value for the employees retirement accounts, positioned the practice to participate in performance based contracts while bringing the practice into compliance with MACRA and the Department of Labor. Along with eliminating risk in the eyes of potential acquirers. These changes built significant additional value in the purchase price

Case Study #2

A private equity backed healthcare software company with leading edge technology struggling to gain share in a “frothy” market place. Our team evaluated the massaging , sales process, and relationship building of the portfolio company. The evaluation lead to a repositioning and change in message in the marketplace , the and refinement of both the sales process and the sales targets. The result being a rapid and material uptick in sales. This translated into renewed investor confidence and a new round of funding.